We are women.
We want to help change your story.
BAX is for the bold and accomplished woman.
BAX is for all of you bad ass women wanting to break glass and advance.

Monica Blacker, guest speaker at the June 21, 2017 Mentoring Circles Meeting


Monica has spent over 20 years practicing law in boutique and large firms, regional and international. As a Chambers recognized bankruptcy and restructuring partner, she worked on many complex matters that involve billions of dollars. During her years of practice, she began to focus on what women experienced working in lawfirms and companies. She realized that her passion is helping women navigate their workplace and become Bold and Accomplished.

As a way to follow her dreams and live her passion, she founded BAX Advisors for Bold Accomplished Women. She knows there are so many types of women and at times we are all:

Bold Accomplished
Beautiful Authentic
Brave Adventurous
Brash Altrusitic
Balanced Ambitious
Beloved Assertive
Boundless Accountable
Brilliant Able
Bright Awesome
Blessed Amazing
Best Admired
Bad Ass

Anyway you slice it, we want to empower women to be their best selves. Bringing real world experience to help pave the way to your most Bold Accomplished self.
Whether through speeches, coaching or the annual workshops...we are building Bold and Accomplished Women.

BAX provides women with the tools to advance in their workplace. These tools include speeches, workshops,  and consultations. In addition, BAX can help your organization. We have put together a program that can be brought in-house to make sure that the women in your company are empowered and that there is a community that is fostering retention and advancement.