Four Ways To Help Other Women Succeed While You Continue To Succeed

In the current political and cultural climate, we, as women, must be in charge of helping other women succeed. This can mean a lot of things but this is a very important notion to remember in the workplace. For so long, women have been told that other women are our competition and therefore there has been this habit of women putting other women down in order to secure their position or title in the workplace. But as the current marches and campaigns inform us, this is simply no longer the case. Rather than see other women at work as competition we need to view them as partners, peers and allies. While your career may be taking off, as a female professional you are responsible for helping others while on your journey to the top. It may seem like a daunting task in between the phone calls, pitches or important client meetings but the following steps are simple ways to incorporate and work with women in your company or industry that don’t take too much time or effort on either side!

Amplify And Work Together With Women

As a female professional we should always be aware of and become acquainted with other female professionals we work with. Our goal should be amplifying and working with other women to get all of our voices heard. Whether at a meeting or company event, an easy way to amplify the ideas or voices of other women is to work together to make sure you have each other’s backs. If one of you is presenting an idea or speaks up in a meeting, only to be immediately shot down, interrupted or had your idea “stolen” by a man at the table, another women should ask a question that redirects to your partner. A simple, “Oh, that was a great idea that Julie had” or “let’s let Karen finish what she was saying, sounded like a great idea.” This not only mildly chastises the individual who interrupted, but gives your colleague back the floor to make their case. 

Avoid Arguing With Other Women

I am by no means saying you can never disagree with another female, because that would only restrict our growth! When I say we should avoid arguing with other women, I mean in public and especially in meetings where there are very few women in a sea of men. And to be clear a disagreement in opinion or tactic does not necessarily warrant an argument. Rather, if you disagree with a coworker or colleague, don’t tell them in the middle of the break room with half the office watching. In movies and music videos “cat fights” have been glorified by the opposing sex and we do not want to endorse that! So if you have a disagreement with a female colleague pull them into a conference room and explain why you disagreed with their stance or actions and then try to understand why they chose that route. Do your best to preview and resolve those ideas ahead of the meeting if possible. 

Network With Female Colleagues

If you have not done this already you need to make this a priority! In order to help others while you continue to succeed you need to know the “others.” This will require networking and meeting other women. Lucky for us, there are a ton of online forums or sites for women to network and meet like-minded female professionals, all you need to do is type in Google Search “female only networking groups” to be inundated with a flood of potential groups to join. Once you skim through the different groups, carefully review each group and pick one that works best for your situation and get to networking, you won’t regret it!

Encourage Women!

Whether it is telling a random woman on the street that you love her dress or replying to the company wide email “Go Alicia!” after her work was highlighted, it is your job to encourage other women. It is such an easy thing, to build up and help other women, but we rarely see females take the opportunity to do so. I encourage you to try and do this once a day, give a compliment, pat on the back or simply tell a female colleague that you appreciate them. 

These four things are simple enough to get you into the routine of supporting other women while you continue to succeed in your own journey. If you can gradually implement all four of these ideas into your week, you will not only expand your female professional network but I guarantee you will find it easier than you think to work and connect with other women! For more ways to continue to succeed as a female professional or to learn about simple ways to embody BAX (bold, accomplished women) send me a note via my website or follow me on Instagram @baxadvisors. I look forward to connecting with you!